Praca w Punie

1. The “How team”: A lot of energy is going into the “as Meditation” part of the Work as Meditation right now. As we are doing what we are doing, we pay conscious attention to how we are doing it; awareness in action. Everyone can be a mirror to themselves and to each other, but also a team of three “coaches” has been made available for individual and multiple explorations. The first practical outcome is a steady stream of individual workers towards the coaches, and the coaches report learning as much as the individuals who are getting coached! A workbook with osho meditations and insights for daily life is available for everyone interested, and some departments have started playing with “meditations of the week.” We’ll keep you posted on the developments.

2. The Residential Program is a very multidimensional way of being here: living, working, meditating, making friends from all over the world. The program now consists of two branches. One is the general residential program, in which the people participating are very flexible and may be in all kinds of different work places during their 3-6 months’ stay. The second one is more specialized, the Multimedia residential program. For this, as the name already indicates, the people come with or for particular skills—translation, web design, research on osho insights in particular subjects, IT technicians, database work etc.. The length of participation in the Multimedia program is more flexible and can also be on a project basis. For more information you can write to workmed@osho.net or check www.osho.com

  Praca w Kawkowie

Szukamy pary do pracy oraz kucharza w Ośrodku Rozwoju Osobistego na Mazurach www.kawkowopolana.pl
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